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Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu

Głęboka medytacja, uzdrowienie, energia żeńska 
Mocna strefa uderzenia: czakra korony, czakra splotu słonecznego

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Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu 

Deep meditation, healing, female energy 

Strong impact zone: Crown chakra, solar plexus chakra

We provide the freshest Rapé straight from the rainforest


Has female energy, opens and harmonizes the chakras, helps to remove blocked energy. In some cases, it happens that it cleans the digestive tract (this may be vomiting or diarrhea). Tsunu grains, which are one of the main components of these mixtures, are known as a medical plant that supports digestion. Tsunu cinza has a healing effect on the energy body. Tsunu rasu also works intensively on the emotional level, opens the crown chakra, third eye, thymus  and heart. Hortela also focuses on the higher chakras and additionally purifies the pineal gland and sinuses.


Yawanawa Tribe

Yawanawa, so a tribe of white-winged peccaries, is a small tribe with 1300 figures, living in little towns longitudinally of the Gregorio River. They are known as swordsmen as they fight all the time, even in hard times. At one point their tribe somehow died out and only 300 members survived. Today their tribe has grown, while their morals and knowledge have been preserved in an extremely tight manner. Yawanawa was the first tribe that initiated a woman to become a shaman, constituting a huge illustration in the history of sorcerers. In their language, rapé is called Rume, while Yawanawa will fall in love with mixing Rume with Tsunu ash and mapacho, which is giving this special mixture of an extremely sophisticated palate. In addition, Tsunu is used more closely for healing and has support during the Ayahuasca ceremony. 

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This natural product is offered for its historical and ethnographic value and is delivered without any expressed or supposed usefulness closer to a particular endeavor. It's just a crude botanical specimen or a scientific sample. The information provided is intended only for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should not be interpreted as a guideline for the intended purpose. The use and purpose is the judgment, credibility and risk of the buyer. 

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