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Rapé Tarzan

King of the Jungle

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Rapé Tarzan 

Strong impact zone: Third Eye Chakra 

We provide the freshest Rapé straight from the rainforest

Tarzan intensively stimulates the pineal gland. It has a strong, active effect and intense aroma. A one-of-a-kind product!

. Has a large amount of yopo and extra strong mapach.

As a ceremonial donor, medicine has enormous power. Her respect and humility are due. We recommend only experienced and advanced.

Rapé fits perfectly with meditation and ceremonies. The potential can be felt at the beginning.

For each order above:
 150 PLN - 1 free Rapé sample
250 PLN - 2 free Rapé samples
330 PLN - 3 free Rapé samples
400 PLN - 4 free Rapé samples
 550 PLN - 6 free Rapé samples
 700 PLN - 8 free Rapé samples
Samples will be sent randomly, but if you want to try something specific, then in the client's comments, please write what we should send and we will try to send specific samples (if available). 

This natural product is offered for its historical and ethnographic value and is delivered without any expressed or supposed usefulness closer to a particular endeavor. It's just a crude botanical specimen or a scientific sample. The information provided is intended only for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should not be interpreted as a guideline for the intended purpose. The use and purpose is the judgment, credibility and risk of the buyer. 

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