Kuntanawa Sananga Forte 10ml

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Kuntanawa Sananga Forte - 10ml

Eye drops  

Sananga is made from the roots and bark of Tabernaemontana undulata shrub of the "dairy" species of the Apocynaceae family and comes directly from the tribe Kuntanawa from the Amazon. This holy and powerful medicine is used to heal physical and spiritual ailments by purifying the mind of destructive energies and enabling a completely new way of perceiving and concentrating. Sananga is fueled by the intentions of absolute clarity and concentration. Although Sananga contains Ibogaine alkaloids, there is little evidence that this is true. Tabernaemontanta is not actually a genus, but a "subfamily" and therefore classified as "Tabernaemontanoidae". McKenna reports that only some of the several dozen plants in this subfamily contain ibogaine, others such as "undulata" may have analgesic or sedative properties.

Application and therapeutic effect
Sananga's pure spirit supports the deep cleansing of blocked energies at the emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Sananga is able to balance and increase energy and find the causes of diseases and blockages, which leads to total balance, concentration and peace of mind. What's more, the drops will increase your spiritual vision and awareness and increase the ability to read the intentions of other people. In addition, Sananga increases your long-distance vision, which is important for visualization and future predictions. In addition, drops are also used to treat and improve a wide range of eye problems such as myopia, depth and color perception, image definition and detection accuracy. What's more, this magical product is indicated for severe eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and blindness. Because these drops can have such a powerful effect on your visualization, they are commonly used before or during the Ayahuasca ceremony to increase visualization and spiritual insights.

The product should be stored in a refrigerator.



Kuntanawa Tribe


Like Nukini, the Kuntanawa tribe was almost extinct because of the latex cycle murder. One family second after the rubber boom and only from the beginning of 2000. The small group Kuntanawa began to demand its core inheritance. Well, their culture is still exposed, while Kuntanawa are still fighting to regain full ethnic recognition and try to rewind their surface. Now there are only 250 members in the Acre region in Brazil. To survive, Kuntanawa combines with other tribes of Pano tribes and organizes festivals, sharing traditions, rituals and culture with foreign tourists. It is the tribe's probation that closely interacts with the ritual use of Ayahuasca to educate and lead them. Kuntanawa even believes that Ayahuasca will discover his ancient knowledge and will repeat his lost custom. However, their language is published forever lost.



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