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Rapé Mapacho Puro

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Rapé Mapacho Puro


We provide the freshest Rapé straight from the rainforest. 

This is the best pure Mapacho powder made from the traditional "Mapacho masos". 

 This sacred, healthy herb brings a deep clarity of mind and helps remove negative energies. Tribes use mapacho in ceremonies, forcing good weather, and in internal experiences as well as for nursing purposes. It is one of the oldest and strongest healing herbs known to local tribes. 


For each order above:
150 PLN - 1 free Rapé sample
250 PLN - 2 free Rapé samples
330 PLN - 3 free Rapé samples
400 PLN - 4 free Rapé samples
550 PLN - 6 free Rapé samples 
700 PLN - 8 free Rapé samples 

Samples will be sent randomly, but if you want to try something specific, then in the client's comments, please write what we should send and we will try to send the sample data (if available).



This natural product is offered for its historical and ethnographic value and is delivered without any expressed or supposed usefulness closer to a particular endeavor. It's just a crude botanical specimen or a scientific sample. The information provided is intended only for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should not be interpreted as a guideline for the intended purpose. The use and purpose of our product is in the judgment, credibility and risk of the buyer.

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