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Skull - Fluorite

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Skull - Fluorite 

Weight: 1020g
Dimensions: 70x70x115mm

Group: precious stone from a group of halides
Chemical formula: CaF2 (calcium fluoride)
Crystal system: regular, cubic and octahedral crystals
Mohs hardness: 4
Density: 3.1-3.2 g / cm3


Healing properties of fluorite
- supports the skeletal system;
- supports the nervous system;
- acts favorably on the work of the heart;
- protects teeth and gums against diseases;
-increases the health condition of people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism;
-corrects the effects of stress;
- it contributes to synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres;
- acts favorably with problems related to the skin and hair;
- stimulates metabolism;
- helps people who have headaches or migraines;
- supports the removal of mental blocks.


Green fluorite is the color of healing. The stone in this color perfectly absorbs negative energy. Characteristics and tasks of green fluorite:
- purifies the chakras, meridians, aura;
- makes it easier to hear the voice of intuition;
- helps in intuitive transfer of information from the subconscious to the conscious level;
- makes it easier to recognize outdated conditions and habits;
- it influences the widening of consciousness;
- encourages personal development;
-calms down.

Violet fluorite is the right choice for anyone looking for support in:

- increasing the spiritual balance;
-channel archangels;
-transformation of anxiety into courage or hatred in love;
- emotional and physical problems;
- spiritual development;
- improvement of the relationship.

Rainbow fluorite combines three purple, green and blue colors. His task is to turn chaos into order and order. The stone symbolizes the purity and harmony prevailing in the universe, has the properties of green and violet fluorite, additionally enriched with individual specificity.

Rainbow fluorite will be suitable for anyone who:
- a healing path on the emotional, mental and spiritual level;
- seeking friendship and understanding;
- need a highly protective stone;
-Proportly balance the excess energy. [1]


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