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Obelisk - Rainbow Auric Quartz

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Obelisk - Rainbow Auric Quartz

A specimen of such weight and shape is a great rarity.

Weight: 287g
dimensions: 85x46x52mm


How to clean up your aura and take care of constant energy? How do you feel good and stay away from negative energies? How to raise vibrations and thus receive life at a higher frequency? All you need to do is know and stock up on Kwarc Aura.

Aura quartz - what is it?

Quartz Aura shimmers in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. This quartz is not completely natural stone. Among other gemstones, he is distinguished by the flickering of colors - the so-called iridescence. This phenomenon, which arises due to the interference of white light on the surface of inhomogeneous optically transparent and translucent stones. We have a similar effect in the case of opals and labradorites. For iridescence, the man covers the top layer of the stone with metals (eg titanium, silver, copper, gold, niobium, iron, platinum). Quartz Aura is formed as a result of laboratory melting into a natural crystal of metals. They are the only stones that have magical properties despite human manipulation.

There are several types of auric quartz:

Rainbow quartz - covered with titanium. It is also the most popular of the Astra Quartz. The surface of the stone resembles spilled gasoline.
Quartz Aqua Aura - aquamarine quartz, which is formed by covering quartz with 24-carat gold.
Quartz Sunset Aura - quartz covered with titanium, resulting in a yellow color.
Quartz Sunshine Aura - quartz coated with iron, resulting in an orange color.
Quartz quartz - a transparent quartz with a delicate bluish or yellow glow. Quartz gets the rainbow effect with silver and platinum (click on the picture below to go to our store where you can buy this kind of quartz aura).
For whom?

Kwarc Aura is perfect for anyone who needs a top-up and who wants to clean up their aura. It is ideal for meditation and for calming troubled nerves, and therefore should be close to anyone who leads a stressful lifestyle and can not rest.

This quartz increases the joy of life and allows you to see pleasure. He takes fear, sadness and depression. It is ideal when recovering from a difficult mental state, such as depression or nervous breakdowns. Necessary for people after trauma.

Auric quartz is particularly useful in autism, Asperger's syndrome and disorders of the nervous system.


For esotericists, Kwarc Aura is an interesting phenomenon - its color is a combination of nature and a small human interference, which we can metaphorically present as a combination of two worlds: spiritual and material. On the other hand, it is a combination of quartz with precious metals, and thus a combination of properties and power of both sources.

This stone helps in concentrating and getting a state of relaxation - it introduces its color into a state of equilibrium, therefore it affects our aura and, consequently, increases creativity and promotes spiritual development.

Quartz Power Aura:

Kwarc Aura is a purification tool for aura. Stimulates and purifies the energy of all chakras. To stimulate them, all you have to do is hold the stone around the proper chakra. Under the influence of Quartz, our energy levels out - thanks to it, it begins to flow through us harmoniously.

This stone helps to enter a higher level of meditation and connection with the Source. It allows the soul to be transferred to the place of Force Majeure. The legend says that thanks to it, we can communicate with Angels, get access to the Akash's book, get to higher knowledge, recall previous lifetimes and find the mission of your soul in this incarnation.

You may be interested in the article: Akashic Chronicles - what are they?

Angel quartz serves to balance the centers and meridians of the physical body, thanks to which it ensures proper polarization. Correct polarity is essential to maintain health and mental balance. It is said about him: a stone of change - helps to understand the powers of intuition and mysticism. This quartz helps to listen to the cry of his soul and to convey his desires to the material plane. Astra quartz is also suitable for regressing work.

Stone care:

The stone can be cleaned in a bowl of rice, salt or under running water. We can also smoke or clean it over the candle flame. The auric quartz can be charged with intention or in the rays of the sun (time of exposure: 20 to 40 minutes). [1]


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