Palo Santo - Ground

Burserea Graveolens

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Palo Santo - ground
Burserea Graveolens

You can choose a glass jar or bag with a content of 25 grams of wonderful incense.

Holy Indian tree.

  Our product is 100% natural and comes from Peru.
It does not contain artificial additives and aromas.



meditation - calms down, brings a mystical aura, and enables communication with ghosts
aromatherapy - relaxes and relaxes, reduces the feeling of stress, tension and anxiety, acts antidepressant, gives a sense of security
rituals - protects against negative energies, is part of purifying rituals or ceremonies of accepting Ajallas

health - anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, immunity and anti-cancer, helps with problems with the digestive system and headaches


It is best to put the resin on the burnt coarse coal.

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