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Copal Santo

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Copal Santo

A glass jar or bag with a content of 60 grams of a great resin to choose from.


Our product is 100% natural and comes from the Amazon rainforest.
The whole was hand-picked by tribe members.
It does not contain artificial additives and aromas.

Frequently and effectively used to eliminate negative energy and repel evil spirits. Used in healing ceremonies and rituals. It attracts love and wealth to our home.

Copal, already known by the ancient Aztecans and Mayans, plays an important role in the traditional medicine of the Amazon peoples. Guarani people use it to heal wounds after battles (which confirms its strong regenerative properties). It also has a long history of its use in the treatment of various health problems in Western medicine. She was considered a medicine for burns and as an auxiliary for headaches and stomach pains.


During incense releases an exotic-forest, slightly lemon scent.

It is best to put the resin on the burnt coarse coal.

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